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The Truth. [11 May 2013|04:13am]

If you don't like The Fragile, you are a piece of crap and shouldn't be allowed to raise children.
sho sum lurve.

How to make Farmville suck less. [03 Aug 2010|12:06am]


Do you know a bunch of people that never shut up about this boring facebook game? Me too. You should go alienate them by making a lot of hay bale art about fist-fucking and smashing yourself to pieces. Throw in some Heresy lyrics if they're religious.
Click here for the most awesomest farm ever (which is totally not mine because I would NEVAR play something that lame, you know)Collapse )
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Just to rub it in... [06 May 2008|10:48pm]

My box set :)

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Giving it Away... [06 May 2008|05:32pm]

So, I'm sure most of you have downloaded the new album...right?  If not, please step forward so I can whip you with a giant noodle.  Now then, my question to you is:  Is it worth the freeness?  I say yes and no.  It's great that he's giving the new album away...but...is it really so nice considering how unpolished and, quite frankly, mediocre some of the songs sound?  Oh trust me, there's a few I can't stop listening to (Lights in the Sky...I'm addicted), but I think most of it's...meh.  Sound like a lot of rejects from the past two albums.  

Maybe I just need a few listens...we'll see.  But I was more impressed with Ghosts.  Maybe I just think Trent should tape his mouth shut during recording...

Anyway, I need comments people!  Our community is all lonely...like there's a hole...or a black soul..or something like that. 
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Ghosts 1-9000 [02 Mar 2008|11:11pm]

Trent made an album when I wasn't looking. That sneaky bastard! Since it's all instrumental, the pretentious snobs you and I who miss The Fragile and Still should be pleased.
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Fixed Machine is dead and no one cares. If there is an intertweb hell, we'll see it there. [19 Feb 2008|12:55am]


That pic spells out RIP FM for "Rest in peace, Fixed Machine." (There are 2 I's because I was drunk, plus i would have had cds left over if i only had one I) Why haven't you guys been photoshopping Trent Reznor into gay porn and posting it here? Why haven't I been writing about how much Nickelback sucks at being Nine Inch Nails? Perhaps we've all be growing up and getting too old for this LJ shit. Maybe we realized that LoLNiN accomplished everything that fixedmachine wanted to in NIN humor in less than half the time.

And whoever made this shirt totally ripped me off: click here Don't believe me? Read this old entry: Click here

We need to retaliate. I know that some of you have more funny in your pinky than lolnin does in their entire membership. I am declaring war on lolnin! We are fixedmachine! We doesn't forgive. We doesn't forget. We be legion. Expect us. </empty_threat>
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Show Your Stash - year zero edition [04 May 2007|04:03pm]

Time once again 4 moar pictures of kirt's 1337 collection. As always, find Waldo and identify 3 things wrong with this picture.

Read more...Collapse )
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Happy Birthday! [02 May 2007|03:45pm]

Happy Birthday to the best co-mod ever!  May Trent kick a puppy in your honor.  If not, I'll kick Aaron...that's close enough, right?
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Sad Kermit [23 Apr 2007|06:55pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

It's Kermit the frog performing "Hurt"!  Sorry if this has been posted before.

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bethehamburger... [12 Apr 2007|06:14pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Did anyone read the Kerrang! article? I think the best part was where it made fun of the HIM wallets. And the, "Well... It is unfortunate that My Chemical Romance have done anything. I heard they made a concept record and that's as far as my interest has gone." That was good too. I can't help wondering, though, who Tremorius Reston is being not-single with. It's in my nature. I do, however, wish I could see the face of every fangirl (or boy) in the United States sinking reading that article because they were truly convinced since the age of 14 that they were going to marry Trent and concieve his offspring. lawlz. But I gotta say, I definately said, "Awww," when he said he could see himself married with kids.

Also, have you guys submitted anything to Open Source Resistance? You should. This community is definitely big on arts'n'crafts. I submitted thisCollapse )

and I hope they put it up cause I worked hard and if they don't, I might eat someone's bebez and I will cry myself to sleep for a couple of days.

opensourceresistance.net << go, go, do it, do it, or I'll tell on you.

sho sum lurve.

[04 Apr 2007|10:05pm]

My ApplicationCollapse )
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Review time!! [04 Apr 2007|04:22pm]


So…you know we had to write a review for Year Zero!  So…here it is!!


1 – Hyperpower! – Awesome, despite the totally, incredibly, stupendously lame name.


2 – The Beginning of the End – Not bad.  Really rock-n-rollish, but not bad at all.


3 – Survivalism – Oh Trent…it’s catchy and the beat and chorus sound awesome, but the deep breathing and lame lyrics make me want to hit a puppy.  In the nuts.


4 – The Good Soldier – I love this song.  It’s like PHM-era reset to current synths and such.  Nice awesome mellowness in the chorus, too.  Bravo, good sir.


5 – Vessel – “I let you put it in my mouth”…enough said.  WTF Trent…WTF.  But I have to say the song as a whole is an orgasm in a file.  Reminds me of “The Only Time” lyric-wise with political angst.


6 – Me, I’m Not – Love the beat.  I mean looooove it, but don’t like the lyrics that much.  Stop doing this to me, Trent! 


7 – Capital G – Weeeee!  Let’s make fun of Bush!  But it’s actually pretty funny.  A tad annoying, though, in terms of the singing at the beginning.


8 – My Violent Heart – Trent:  “I miss half talk/rapping in my songs….I think I’ll do it again!  Horribly, as usual, of course.”  Which sucks, because the chorus is awesome.  It makes me want to just go crazy. 


9 – The Warning – Once again, nice beat…he seems to have a lot of them on this album.  Ohhh, the Presence is warning him!  Oh noes!!!!   ….good song though.  Not the best, but not bad.


10 – God Given – I’m sort of on the “meh” side on this song.  It’s just sort of not bad, but not great…and nothing really special about it.


11 – Meet Your Master – Again, meh.  Reminds me of the late 80s set to a modern beat again, but it just doesn’t do a lot for me.


12 – The Greater Good – I seem to like it when he doesn’t sing. This is no exception.  It’s great and sort of reminds me of the end of “Closer” in a way…though I still can’t figure out how.  But it’s one of those great weird/sort of creepy instrumentals.


13 – The Great Destroyer – This song really reminds me of another (non-NIN) song, but I cannot put my finger on it.  I really like it a lot though.  Except for the weird harmony “I am the great destroyer” bit in the middle...it just doesn’t fit for me.  Overall, it’s good.


14 – Another Version of the Truth – I think this is another one of those creepy instrumentals that I’ll listen to over and over and just love because it’s not pushy or in your face…it’s just sort of there, and good.  I love that he had a “pretty piano” track again. 


15 – In This Twilight – I still hold strong to my statement that it sounds like it belongs to a pop group rather than NIN.  It’s pretty, and I like it a lot, but it didn’t really fit Trent for me.


16 – Zero Sum – I liked this song.  It was sort of in-your-face making fun of churchy type of pop songs.  I don’t really know how to put in words the reason why I like it, but I do.  It made me chuckle a little, too. 


So yes, I really liked the album.  My only problems are the lyrics (surprise, surprise) and the damn falsetto Trent uses in a few songs…WTF, dude.  But yes, I’m not disappointed, and I’ll be happy to get my CD copy.

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april fools 2007 [02 Apr 2007|09:09am]

I didn't pwn as many n00bs this year as last year, but it was still fun. As you may have already figured out, rustybrown does not exist and i made her up. Her user icons were taken from a random goth girl on myspace. The name "rusty brown" is a reference to a commercial on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In this commercial for "Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts" you eventually find out that the whole commercial is an innuendo for rim jobs. I owe many thanks to sheepstealer415 who came up with the idea of "bitchy new mod taking over." She even helped me write some of rustybrown's profile. I also would like to thank Jenn for going along with my bullshit and writing rusty's application. And the rest of you who left comments were great to.

Here is the community info that I changed while pretending to be rusty with the changed parts underlined:
rusty's community infoCollapse )

EDIT: A few of you may think that I deleted your comments over the past few days. Actually, I screen them because they mentioned April Fools because i didn't want to give the secret away to other people that could potentially be fooled. They have since then become unscreened.
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[02 Apr 2007|12:34am]

Sense ur moderator wants tretn slash fic, i decided i wood make some trent/slipknot slash. BUT I'M NOT GAY! i H8 FAGS!!!!!1111

Title: Trent and Cory Fuck Each Other Up teh Pooper and tehy cum alot
Authors: Slipknot4ever
NIN and Slipknot
Series Rating: XXX
Genre: Angst, Smut,
Pairing: Trent Reznor/Cory Taylor

trent: Cory, That ppl equal shit song wuz pretty gud. it made me fill like a pussy 4 those gay power ballads i made (hurt and rite wear it blongs).
cory: thks trent. i'm not a fag but i shore would like to put ur weener in my mouthh.
trent: ok. that wood b pritty kewl. But i'm totilly NOT GAY!!!!! I h8 fags!!!!!
cory: i h8 fagits 2!!!!! but u hav such gr8 music i dont kare. i want u now.
trent: ok. prepare 4 my giant wang!
cory: Wow. 4 inches taht's almost as big as slipknot4ever's 5 inch penis. i <3 it. it is so beatiful.
tremt: thk u.
cory: slurp slurp slurp. mmmmm. this tastes good. i want ur cum.
tren: o god. ur even better than jordie & aaron combined
cory: can i fuk u ass? i wheel give u reach a round.
trents: ok.
cory: *starts 2 butfuk trant*
trnt: oh god. it hurts. ur pns is even bigger than slipknot4ever's. oh wait. nothing is that big. he makes me hot.
cory: yeah. too bad he isn't gay or i would switch teams. he iz awesome.
trent: gud thang he h8s fags!
cory: yeah. I h8 them 2.
trnt: oh shit. im cumming.
cory: me 2!
trant: oh cory!
corry: trent! i <3 ur msic and that's why we're not gay fags. And slipknot4ever isn't gay 4 writing this either!

i hope u lieked my slash. i wheel dew bettre nex time. and juts remember taht im NOT GAY!!!!!!!1111

P.S. This is totally not part of an april fools prank and i don't know why you would get that idea.
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I'm in charge, bitch. [01 Apr 2007|08:25am]

Since Kirt was such a fucking dick to Jenn and I, Jenn has removed Kirt's mod status and put me in his place. I think you'll find some new changes to the community to be for the best. First off, i'm taking away all the shitty jokes on the info page. Especially those lame ass jokes in the application. Almond Bros? WTF? It's spelled ALLMAN you dipshit. Go look at the info page if you don't believe i've changed it. and I'm definintely removing the shitty wonder woman photoshop in the background. And most importantly, we're going to have a lot more trent reznor slash fiction. I think I'm going to ship trent with David Bowie. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Now, that's the OTP! (One True Pairing) Things are going to be much better around here now that Kirt's been stripped of power, trust me.
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Sorry, Jenn. You're nuts. [31 Mar 2007|11:21am]

My co-mod samurai_jenn and I had a huge fight on the phone last night about a recent application. Basically, she told me "either she stays or I go too." In other words, "I want to over ride the democratic process because I'm a sore loser who can't take defeat." I hate ultimatums and I've thought over this a lot. Jenn has been a great friend to me in the past. Unfortunately, she's abusing her power and behaving like a child. All I can say is "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, Jenn."
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[30 Mar 2007|02:50pm]

My ApplicationCollapse )
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get on track, people! [25 Mar 2007|08:05pm]

how is it that I'm the first on here to make this picture?  You guys are falling behind!  Oh well, enjoy!

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Jenn is one year closer to death [21 Mar 2007|12:59am]

If you don't wish my co-moderator, samurai_jenn, a happy birthday, she may have to ban you. She turns 23 today. You need to go play heresy in her honor because that is her all time favorite song.

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mtv is at it again. [16 Mar 2007|03:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Leave it up to MTV to compare Nine Inch Nails to Green Day.

Okay, yeah, I get the comparison and everything, they both don't like Bush, they both play guitars, it's all political rock'n'roll (kids these days)... but I'd say it's quite a stretch to pick at similarities between American Idiot and Year Zero (that is, what we've heard of it so far). And I'm pretty sure Year Zero is not "essentially a punk-rock album". Or maybe it is, what do I know?

>>"Well, whatever it is, then they can get some nice, tame, predictable, ass-kissing band that'll do what [MTV] wants. MTV can't do less for me, let's put it that way. I'm fine without them. There's plenty of Green Days that want to put their cock in their mouth." -Trevor Reznik

hah. irony? I think so.

In other news, I think Trent likes Japanese people better because he put the "bonus track" on the Japanese release and not the American one. What a racist. Or maybe he just digs Asian chicks... or dudes. I Like [Asian] Dudes.

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